We Take the Guesswork Out of Return to Learn
Academic Supports for Teachers Post-Concussion!

The Teacher Acute Concussion Tool (TACT) is the ONLY digital tool for Return to Learn Post-Concussion!
No advanced training need; No time out of the classroom!
The TACT delivers 4 weeks of Return to Learn academic supports, via teacher email – in “real-time” => just when the student with a concussion is ready to re-enter the classroom

The TACT lets teacher do what teachers do best — Teach!

Are you ready to Get Schooled On Concussions?

A Get Schooled On Concussions Annual Subscription Includes:

Unlimited use of the TACT:

  • The TACT is an electronic tool accessed easily by teachers via the internet
  • The TACT takes less than 5 minutes for a teacher to complete
  • The TACT asks teachers to answer 7 questions (for elementary school teachers) of 8 questions (for middle/high school teachers) about WHAT, WHEN, & HOW they teach.
  • The TACT sends immediate academic guidance to teachers, based upon their answers to WHAT, WHEN & HOW they teach so teachers can adjust their classroom to the Return to Learn (RTL) needs of the student post-concussion
  • The TACT automatically sends 4 weeks of emails with continued academic guidance and support
  • No advanced training needed – teachers can use the TACT in “real-time” => just when the student with a concussion is returning to school (post rest for a few days) or when a student post-COVID-19 is returning to school (post 5+ days of isolation)

Unlimited downloads of 1-page Tip Sheets for classroom teachers and for related service providers

Unlimited viewing of short videos on Return to Learn post-concussion

Did You Know? 
COVID-19 Symptoms are also Similar to 
Concussion Symptoms in Students!

Why are we talking about COVID-19 and concussion in the same sentence?

Because schools are coming off two of the hardest years ever post-pandemic. And while we have been waiting for students to return to the classroom safely post-COVID-19, we have come to recognize that the neurological symptoms of COVID-19, classified by the CDC as BRAIN FOG => difficulty thinking, remembering, concentrating, completing cognitive tasks quickly, emotional and behavioral reactions, are similar to the cognitive symptoms we see and have researched for 2 decades with students returning to the classroom following a concussion (called MENTAL FOGGINESS)

The evidence-based interventions applied to cognitive symptoms post-concussion can now be similarly applied to students returning to your classroom post-COVID-19. They can also be applied to students post-trauma!

Introduction to the Teacher Acute Concussion Tool (TACT)

Don’t worry about training your classroom teachers on Return to Learn in advance. Get Schooled on Concussions/COVID Return to Learn curriculum can be delivered to your classroom teachers via email at the time they get a student with a concussion, with COVID-19 (with the flu, mono, seizures, trauma, mental health crisis) back into their classroom.

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Get Started Today

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